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Water Quality Concerns: Time is of the essence...

As you probably know, the Sand Land Mine is a mine and giant vegetative waste facility in Bridgehampton that is located above our aquifer, the source of water for the entire East End. Sand Land applied to the DEC for a permit to expand its facilities. At this point, Sand Land mainly is a mulching facility. The leachate that pools on the surface and eventually seeps into our aquifer is a concern and why I am contacting you. Our water is precious to all of  us!!! All we are asking for is test wells to monitor the surface and ground water.  


I spoke to Ron Paulsen of Suffolk County's Dept. of Health, Ground Water Monitoring,  who said he is aware of the Sand Land situation but the Dept. of Health does "not have the resources to install test wells" because of the depth of the water at the Sand Land site.   Paulsen said that everything is in the hands of the NYS DEC. So why can't the DEC mandate that Sand Land install and pay for test wells to monitor the surface and ground water?  How can the DEC ignore the possible pollution of our ground water?


Click here to read the DEC press release on the Horse Block Road Study. Peter Scully, Regional Director of the DEC,  is quoted toward the bottom of the press release.  Should this apply to the Sand Land Mine? I spoke to Mr. Scully several times and he said that the DEC will reach a decision within 60 days of getting the transcript of the Nov. 19 public hearing. That means sometime this week a decision will be reached.  


We know that you or your organization is as interested in protecting our water quality as we are, so I am asking you to contact both Mr. Scully and Commissioner Martens on this specific issue. Please urge them to reach a conditional declaration on the Sand Land expansion and require test wells to monitor the surface and ground water before the mine is allowed to expand.


joe.martens@dec.ny.gov    518-402-8545      peter.scully@dec.ny.gov    631-444-0345


Thanks for your cooperation in this matter,

Elena Loreto, President Noyac Civic Council


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